Jovision guards Thailand airports and opens a new chapter in overseas market

Jovision guards Thailand airports and opens a new chapter in overseas market

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the largest cargo transshipment center in Southeast Asia. Its passenger terminal building is the third largest single terminal building in in the world, which can provide four runways and 112 flights/per hour. Total annual capacity can reach up to 1 million people and 640 million tons of air cargo. Jovision’s HD IPC series cameras and its accessory products are widely used in the six major airports: Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang International Airport, Chiang Mai International Airport, Phuket International Airport, Hat Yai International Airport, and Surat Thani International Airport.Jovision cameras are able to provide the real-time video and necessary notification in cases of large-scale crowd and potential dangers of terrorism-related activities. 




Full coverage of the densely populated place meeting the needs of public security


Thailand tourism as one of the major national economy, it is reported that the growth of passenger traffic at the airport in 2016 has reached the forefront of the world. As the country's major transport hub,airport public security is particularly important.In Addition, an international airport is a pool of travelers from a diverse group; which makes it a vulnerable place for possible theft, robbery or other forms of crime.

Therefore, security is inevitable at airports in Thailand.Security system is highly advanced and has great construction significance and usage value, regardless of its size, structure and function. Security surveillance is an important part of security system and it plays a significant role in airport safety precaution and management. Jovision HD IPC series cameras and supporting products have accomplished the task successfully with its impactful function.

This system mainly consists of video capture system, transmission system, display and control equipment. It monitors all entrances and exits, waiting rooms and other densely populated places, which enables the management staffs to clearly understand the situation at any given time and deal with emergencies immediately. All data can be kept in the system for review.



Sixteen years of experience in security industry ,overseas influence becomes increasingly apparent


    At present, China's security market is growing gradually. The market competition is increasingly fierce. There is no doubt that the emphasis on transformation and continuous upgrade is to expand a broader global market and seek larger space of development.

    Jovision has relied on scientific research, accurate product orientation, stable marketing network and qualified technical service in security industry for past16 years. So, Jovision has strong competitive strength in the high-end market, which has increasingly influenced the overseas markets in recent days. The implementation of the Thailand airport project is a powerful leap in the history of Jovision History Project.

    At present, Jovision has done marketing of its products on worldwide scale, understanding the universal demand, taking commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities and opportunities, in order to meet the global objectives. Jovision Products are exported to more than 160 countries and regions in Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. Jovision has proposed a range of solutions such as smart city, safe city and so on to different industries and crucial areas of daily lives including transportation, justice, electricity, education and so on. With an exceptional quality, Jovision has won a good reputation among customers and markets. 

    Jovision, a forward-looking company is forever committed to provide advanced security products and solutions, a complete set of service and technical support, by achieving expertise in the industry. 

    We persistently work towards creating a great value for our customers and becoming the leading audio/video service provider in the world. 


At any airport in Thailand, Jovision cameras will safe-guard you. In overseas airports, Jovison has been a recent breakthrough. Jovision uses its customer-admired High-quality technology to guard Thailand airports and accelerate the pace of internationalization. Let the world know Jovision and let Jovision integrate into the world.



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